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Target Pests

Mice and Rats

For Use In

ZP Tracking Powder is not for use in areas accessible to children, pets, or non target animals.ZP Tracking Powder can be used in agricultural buildings, commercial food service, food manufacturing plants, food processing establishments, and exterior openings of structures.,


Do not use tracking powder in drafty locations where it could become airborne or where it could contaminate food or surfaces that come in contact with food.

Coverage Area

10% Zinc Phosphide

Time to Kill

ZP Tracking Powder takes 6-12 Hours after exposure to kill rats and mice.

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Zinc Phosphide 10%

How To

ZP TRACKING POWDER is a stable formulation with a long shelf life. Tracking powder contains a toxicant mixed with special carriers that adhere to the rodent's fur and paws. It is ingested when the rodent grooms.

Tracking powder is insoluble in water which prolongs the effects of the powder, making it ideal for tough jobs. Tracking powder is good to use under controlled conditions when bait acceptance is poor. Apply just teaspoon amounts in bait stations, along walls, by gnawed openings, in corners and concealed places, in spaces between floors and walls, or in locations where house mice or their signs have been observed.

ZP Tracking Powder

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ZP Tracking Powder


Grooming Mice Ingest Tracking Powder

ZP TRACKING POWDER is a restricted use acute, single-dose rodenticide containing the active ingredient, 10% Zinc Phosphide, which is used to control house mice. When ingested by rodents, ZP RODENT BAIT comes in contact with dilute acids in the stomach, releasing toxic phosphine gas.

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