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Target Pests

Cotton Rats Deer Mice, House Mouse, Norway Rat, Roof Rat, Black Rat, Brown Rat, Pocket Mouse, Kangaroo Rat, Harvest Mouse, Jumping Mouse, and more.,

For Use In

ZP Oat Bait is not for use in areas accessible to children, pets, or non target animals. ZP Oat Bait can be used in agricultural buildings, commercial food service, food manufacturing plants, food processing establishments, vineyards, golf courses, and exterior openings of structures. Permitted for burrow baiting.



Please read the label for appropriate application per pest to control

Coverage Area

ZP Oat Bait coverage area varies with treatment area, please see label.

Time to Kill

ZP Oat Bait takes 6-12 Hours after ingestion to kill rats and mice.

Mix Rate

Just teaspoon amounts of ZP RODENT BAIT, equal in effectiveness to 4 oz. of anticoagulant bait, can control in one feeding.

Active Ingredient

Zinc Phosphide 2%

How To

The active ingredient, Zinc Phosphide, is mixed throughout the bait, not merely coated on, for maximum acceptance. Food-grade cereals and enhancers add to the bait's taste and stability.

ZP RODENT BAIT remains stable under most outdoor conditions. When ingested by rodents, ZP RODENT BAIT comes in contact with dilute acids in the stomach, releasing toxic phosphine gas.

ZP RODENT BAIT is an excellent choice for quick knock-down, such as down burrows. A scoop is included in each bottle.

ZP Rodent Oat Bait

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ZP Rodent Oat Bait

ZP RODENT BAIT is restricted use acute, pelleted rodenticide that contains the active ingredient, zinc phosphide. ZP RODENT BAIT is our fastest-acting formulation, providing economical clean-out of infested areas, often killing rats, mice and gophers within hours.
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