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Target Pests

Whitmire PT 4 Allure pantry pest traps attract and trap Indian Meal Moths Almond Meal Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moth, Raisin Moth and Tobacco Moths,

For Use In

Whitmire PT 4 Allure moth traps can be used in the pantry, grain storage, barns, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, food service areas, restaurants, dining areas, food prep areas, cabinets, closets, and offices.,


Whitmire PT 4 Allure traps must be hung in areas of moth or other flying pantry pest infestation. It is important that placement be in low traffic areas where the trap will sit undisturbed.

The pheromone attractant tab should be placed inside the trap with the black dot facing up for best results.

One PT 4 Allure trap should be placed every 30 square feet in infested areas.

After capturing all adults remove contaminated food and lay down a residual spray to kill larva and eggs.

Active Ingredient

Moth Pheromones (Z-9, E-12-Tetradecadien-1-yl acetate)

How To

Moth Trap Assembly Instructions:

1. Grasp top and bottom of trap and pull apart. The fold perforated ends inward to trap in three dimensional shapes.

2. Peel off the paper covering the adhesive on the back of the pheromone packet.

Note: Avoid touching packet membrane surface with fingers. Place the pheromone packet inside the top of the trap.

PT 4 Allure Pantry Pest Trap

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PT 4 Allure Pantry Pest Trap

The PT 4 Allure Moth Traps include controlled release pheromones to attract pantry moths like the Indian Meal Moth, Almond Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Raisin Moth, and Tobacco Moths.
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