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Target Pests

wasps hornets, yellow jackets,

For Use In

Outside: Surfaces of buildings and surrounding structures

Inside: Attics, Steeples Mechanical rooms, Barns, Sheds, Non-food/non-feed warehouses, Garages, Carports Do not apply indoors in habitable portions (areas) of domestic/residential dwellings, i.e., homes, residences, apartments, hotels, etc.



Wasps – Spray nest until thoroughly wet. Wasps on
the nest will fall quickly to the ground, wasps returning
to the nest will be killed by the residual action of the
spray. Wait 24 hours before removing nest.

Hornets – Hornets build nests under eaves and in
sheltered spaces of buildings. It is best to wait until
dusk or early morning to treat as hornets are less
active at that time. Locate entrance hole in the nest
and thoroughly spray the entrance hole. Spraying the
outside of the nest and not the entrance hole will not
have the desired effect and may cause hornets to
attack. For best results for large nests, repeat

Yellow Jackets – Locate entrance holes, note that there
may be more than one. Wait until dusk or early
morning to spray. Spray entrances thoroughly. For best
results for large nests, repeat application.


Ants – Spray ants, building foundations, and locations
where ants are entering a building. Directly hit as
many ants as possible with the spray.

Cockroaches – Treat for cockroaches at locations
where they live and potential entry points, such as
areas where outside plumbing enters the building and
cracks or crevices in the foundation. Spray
cockroaches directly when seen.

Time to Kill


Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Etofenprox - 0.5% Tetramethrin - 0.2% Piperonyl butoxide - 1.0%

How To

Use Zoëcon® Wasp-X™ Wasp & Hornet Spray to kill wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and other pests outdoors and indoors. Outdoor locations are restricted to those attached to the outside surfaces of building structures. Indoor locations would be identified as attics, steeples, mechanical rooms, barns, sheds, nonfood/non-feed warehouses, garages, and carports.

Do not apply indoors in habitable portions (areas) of domestic/residential dwellings, i.e., homes, residences, apartments, hotels, etc.


Remove livestock and pets before spraying indoors. Do not allow children or animals to contact treated surfaces until spray has dried. Prior to treatment, shake can well, hold can upright and stand upwind at a safe distance from nests, and spray away from self and other persons. This product is generally non-staining but is not recommended for vinyl siding. In areas of concern, test product in a small, inconspicuous area to determine if staining potential exists.

Wasp-X and Hornet Spray

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Wasp-X and Hornet Spray

Wasp-X and Hornet Spray is an aerosol adulticide that kills on contact and continues to kill with a foaming action that provides a residual activity to help eliminate the nest.
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