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Victor Moleworms can be used to eliminate Moles in lawns or turfgrasses in homes, parks, recreational and athletic fields. ,


New Victor Moleworms uses the same proven active ingredient, Bromethalin, that you've used in the past, but now it's formulated into a moleworm that looks and feels exactly like a common earthworm. Woodstream worked in a lab with captive moles for five years, carefully observing the moles' eating habits and food preferences. Through this research, Woodstream has created a bait worm that moles will consume even when natural earthworms are available. Moles have a high metabolism rate and will consume 80 percent of their body weight per day in a lab setting. Interestingly, moles get most of their water needs from their diet. Because of this, moles prefer worms even when given a choice of prey typically found in the top three feet of a lawn.

Time to Kill

Victor Moleworms is excellent mole control product. Just one Moleworm contains a lethal does and will kill the mole in 24 hours.

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Bromethalin 0.025%

How To

Unlike the competitors, Victor Moleworms contains 25 worms, 10 active tunnel locator flags and even 3 pairs of protective gloves to wear while placing Victor Moleworms to keep you from contaminating the Moleworms with your own scent. Victor Moleworms are intended to be used underground in active mole tunnels. The 25 worms come packed in packs of 5, which allow you to use worms over a course of time unlike other products such as Talpirid which should be used within 15 days of opening the package.

Victor Moleworms

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Victor Moleworms

Victor, the mole control experts, now offers an affordable Moleworm bait in a complete kit that includes all of the tools required to inspect and successfully treat a homeowner's infested lawn.
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