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Target Pests

Flies and Flying Insects


When you want to achieve the maximum fly control with a quality well priced fly light then look no further than the vector plasma one light. Hang at eye level and avoid areas that have direct reflection to the outside.

Coverage Area

800 square feet

How To

Here are some Maintenance and troubleshooting recommendations:

If either or both bulbs glow dark purple (indicating a burned out bulb):

· Follow procedure for replacing bulbs

· Retain burned out bulb and contact BASF Pest Control Solutions at 800-777-8570 for evaluation and replacement if it has failed prematurely (prior to 12 months service)

If both bulbs are not glowing (no illumination at all), reset the safety circuit:

· The electronic ballast in the Vector Plasma has a safety circuit which temporarily shuts down the unit when an electrical surge occurs; this feature protects service personnel and the integrity of the unit

· Traps in shut down phase may appear to be defective or may give the false impression that the bulbs are burnt out

- Common causes:

· Bulbs are replaced without first unplugging the Vector Plasma unit

· Unit is exposed to extreme wet conditions

· Power surge occurred in building

- Unit must be reset to resume normal operation

How to Replace the Bulb Retention Clip

Clip replacement procedure:

1) Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet

2) Remove bulb

- Remove the bulb from the bulb retention clip by gently pulling it free

- Press the red bulb ejector button on the receptacle, grasp the bulb at the base, pull free from the receptacle

3) Remove unit from wall

4) From the back side of the unit, squeeze the exposed plastic tabs on clip and push through to the front of the unit

5) Insert the base of the replacement metal clip into the front clip opening so that the clip arms are vertical to each other

6) Re-install bulb

- Gently snap replacement bulb into retention clip

- Align base of bulb so that the base rests flush against the receptacle (with no gap)

- Press the base along the receptacle so that all 4 prongs click securely into the receptacle

7) Mount on wall and plug unit into electrical outlet

Vector Plasma One Insect Light Traps BASF

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Vector Plasma One Insect Light Traps BASF

This unit is the latest advance in insect light trap design and high quality engineering. The Vector Plasma and Plasma One both offer a flatwatt ultraviolet attractive to flies. Slim design makes this unit an ideal solution for any size kitchen. High quality aluminum construction and the use of electric ballast means this unit will work for years and years to come. They are very easy to install, easy to change the glueboards, and lamps.
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