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Target Pests

flies flying insects,

For Use In

Ideal for use in hospitals, supermarkets, zoos, restaurants and schools,


Kitchens, warehouses, food production, bars

Coverage Area

800 square feet

Time to Kill


How To

There are three Vector ILTs available to assist in controlling adult flies: Vector Classic, Vector Plasma, and Vector Plasma One.

In addition, the Prescription Treatment® brand 960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap is specifically designed to monitor small fruit flies. Vector Classic  is designed to minimize the disturbance an important fly control program might cause.  

These lights take a licking and keep on killing...we still get calls from customers that have their original unit, at 10 plus years old. Pretty good return on investment and the best part you will not be losing customers because of your fly population.

There are no visible signs of flying insects with this ILT and it makes no zapping sounds. The Vector Classic fly light can be installed in one of three ways:   Flush mounted on a wall with two wall anchors and screws (provided). Corner mounted when available wall space is limited. Free standing for accounts with no available wall space. This option is useful in smaller facilities with significant flying insect control pressure.  

The Vector Classic pioneered the insect light trap business in the professional pest management industry and remains a leader in the industry today. Enhanced Catch: The reflective panel found behind the bulbs is attractive to flies. When landing on the panel, patented low-voltage J-tronics stuns flying insects causing them to fly directly into the hidden glueboard. Hidden Glueboard: Sensitive accounts and accounts with zero tolerance for the presence of flies benefit from the hidden glue board found on the bottom of the trap.

Maximum Attraction: The large reflective panel enhances the two 15-watt bulbs and maximizes flying insect attraction. Easy to Service: The lift and service grill and the universal glueboard make this trap easy and economical to service.  Low Maintenance Cost: With only one glueboard to replace and annual replacement bulbs, this unit is inexpensive to maintain and quick to service.

Free Standing Flexibility: This ILT is easily stowed away during regular business hours and then placed on tables, counter tops, or on the floor in critical fly control areas during off hours if wall mounted units are not possible or appropriate. Sanitary Solution: Flying insects are kept intact and are confined to the glueboard surface for easy disposal.

Features Emits a low voltage pulse every eight seconds that stuns the insect, causing it to fall fully intact onto the glue board at the base of the unit Two 15-watt ultraviolet black lights Pheromone enhanced glue boards for additional attractiveness Includes 1 glueboard Insect light traps (ILTs) can be useful for both capturing and monitoring flies. Vector® brand Insect Light Traps quickly capture flies with glueboards, which preserve the intact flies for easy analysis.

Identification is quick and catch counts allow for trend analysis and accurate record keeping. When positioned properly, they can serve as excellent lines of defense against flies coming in from outside. Whether a breeding source exists indoors or outdoors, ILTs can be positioned to capture flies before they enter sensitive areas or even capture them once they've entered a sensitive area.

Vector Classic Fly Light

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Vector Classic Fly Light


When you have a fly problem it is time to set out the traps! Vector Fly lights traps that is. If you own or operator a restaurant or food prep area you will have fly and fruit fly issues, being proactive is the best solution.

Vector classic is the perfect investment for areas that need to be a little discreet with customers, the glue board is located on the bottom, this unit is also very portable with a flat bottom design. This makes it unique, most lights can only be hung, the Classic can be set on a counter and moved around when necessary.

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Customer Reviews

  • Vector Classic Fly Light
    By Daryl on 2/3/2015
    I use this on my Patio Deck so when I BBQ Those dang flies will stay away from me! It sits on the counter so I can take it inside and bring it in when done.



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