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Target Pests

Annual bluegrass signalgrass, downy brome, fescue, foxtail, italian ryegrass, johnsongrass, lovegrass, orchard grass, paragrass, quackgrass, sandbur, sand dropseed, smooth brome, vaseygrass, wild oats, witchgrass, barnyrdgrass, beardgrass, cheat, fall panicum, goosegrass, itchgrass, jungle rice, Lovegrass, maiden cane, sandbur, signalgrass, torpedograss, wild barley, wooly cupgrass, and MANY others listed on the label.,

For Use In

TVC Imazapyr is for use in non-cropland areas including railroads, utilities, pipelines, highways, industrial plants, petroleum tank farms, oil fields, pumping installations, fence rows, storage areas, range lands, and homes.,


Use TVC Total Vegetation Control in non-cropland sites like utility, highway, railroad, and pipeline right-of-way, petroleum tank farms, utility plant sites, fence rows, pumping installations, under paved surfaces, non-irrigation ditchbanks, and storage areas. TVC Total Vegetation Control can also be used in rangeland and grass pastures, and for maintaining or establishing wildlife openings.

Active Ingredient

27.8% Isopropylamine Salt of Imazapyr

How To

For use in: Non-cropland areas such as railroad, utility, pipeline and highway rights-of-way, utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, pumping installations, fence rows, storage areas, non-irrigation ditchbanks, under paved surfaces, grass pastures and rangeland, and for establishing and maintaining wildlife openings.


TVC Total Vegetation Control is a concentrate intended to be mixed with water and surfactant.


Each 32 oz Quart of TVC will treat 1 acre for pre and post emergent vegetation control. TVC will provide up to 6 months of complete weed control.

TVC Total Vegetation Control

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TVC Total Vegetation Control

TVC Total Vegetation Control is a systemic herbicide that works by translocating through stems and leaves and destroying the plant root. TVC Total Vegetation Control gives you season long control over undesirable vegetation such as annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, and trees.
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