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Target Pests

Mice & Insects

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Trapper Max-Free should be used in residential, industrial, commercial buildings and other related structures. Ideal for kitchens, food plants, kitchens, hospitals, residences, zoos, and other sensitive areas where poison is prohibited or discouraged.,


Use in situations where poisons or snap traps are prohibited or discouraged, Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, indoors in places not readily accessible to pets and children.

How To

An excellent combination of performance and value, Bell uses exclusive prebaited glue formulations that are vigorously tested to ensure maximum holding power for the highest possible capture rates. Strict standards ensure the highest quality glues every time.


The easier to remove release paper saves time and hassles providing the fastest, easiest system compared to other peel-off glue traps.

Trapper Max-Free Glue Trap

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Trapper Max-Free Glue Trap

Trapper MAX FREE is a scent free, non-poisonous, hypoallergenic glue trap from Bell Labs that provides a large catching surface area and maximum holding power to ensure a high capture rate for mice and insects. Trapper Max can be used as a flat glue board trap or folded into a covered tent-like trap to protect the glue from dirt or debris. Provides premium performance and value. Measures 5.5" x 7.5".
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