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Target Pests

Top Choice Insecticide Granules Fipronil control Fire Ants Fleas, Ticks, Mole Crickets, Crazy Raspberry Ants, and other Nuisance Ants.,

For Use In

Top Choice Insecticide can be used on turfgrass areas including but not limited to golf courses, lawns in commercial and residential areas, cemeteries, recreational areas, parks, campsites, around schools, sports fields, sodfarms, and landscape beds.,


Caution: Do not apply Top Choice Insecticide Granules Fipronil within 15 feet of bodies of water. Do not apply Top Choice on paved or concrete surfaces or near storm drains.

1. Apply Top Choice with a boradcast granule spreader. Before application make sure all equipment is calibrated to ensure proper application rates.

2. Apply 87lbs of Top Choice per acre (2 pounds of Top Choice per 1,000 square feet)

3. Water immediately after application to point of saturation while making sure not to water to runoff. Keep all humans and animals away from treated area for 24 hours.

Top Choice will control listed insects for up to 1 full year.

Coverage Area

Each 50lb bag of Top Choice will treat 25,000 square feet of turf.

Time to Kill

Top Choice may take up to 4 weeks for total control of insect problems.

Mix Rate

Use Top Choice Insecticide Granules Fipronil at a rate of 2lb per 1000 square feet of turf.

Active Ingredient

Fipronil .0143%

Top Choice Insecticide Granules Fipronil

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Top Choice Insecticide Granules Fipronil

Top Choice Insecticide Granules Fipronil is the #1 professional Fire Ant treatment and the only Fire Ant treatment guaranteed* to provide protection for a full year. Its single application controls existing colonies while also preventing new infestations from forming.
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