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Target Pests

Termites and wood destroying insects

For Use In

TIM-BOR Professional as a liquid solution: TIM-BOR Professional liquid applications may be made to wood structures including decks, fences, steps, sheds, barns and other outbuildings. Such structures must be protected from excess rain. On wood with drier than normal moisture content, apply by brush or spray two applications of a 10% solution to wood surfaces. On wood with normal moisture content, apply by brush or spray one application of a 15% solution to wood surfaces. Application may also be made by drilling and then injecting the solution under pressure into sound wood or into the insect galleries of infested wood. TIM-BOR Professional may be applied as a foam to wood surfaces or injected into wall voids or insect galleries.



Apply TIM-BOR Professional solutions by brush or spray at the rate of 5 gallons of liquid solution per 1000 square feet of wood surface area. Thoroughly wet wood surface area. Application may also be made by drilling and then injecting the liquid solution under pressure into sound wood or until run-off is observed coming from entry/exit holes of infested wood.

Termites and Carpenter Ants: Apply TIM-BOR Professional as is to wood members by drilling and injecting the powder into galleries or by dusting generously on wood surfaces.

TIMBOR Professional powder can also be injected or dusted into wall voids such as between studs, block voids, box sills, eaves, attics, soffits, etc. Apply TIM-BOR Professional powder to these areas at the rate of 0.5 ounce (12-14 grams) per square foot.

TIM-BOR Professional Foam: In wall voids, inject enough dry foam to contact wood surfaces of studs in the wall or the entire desired target area. Apply foam, where possible, to abutting wood surfaces and between wood joints. Apply the foam so that all accessible wood surfaces are covered with foam. TIM-BOR Professional foam can also be injected into insect galleries until run-off is observed.

Coverage Area

Each finished gallon of Timbor solution will treat up to 200 square feet.

Time to Kill

Timbor is a wood preservative and will kill insects when they consume it.

Mix Rate

1 lb = 10% solution, 1.5 lb= 15% solution

Active Ingredient

Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (Borate) 98.0

Tim-Bor Insecticide And Fungicide

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Tim-Bor Insecticide And Fungicide


Use as a Dust, Liquid, or Foam for termite control. One of America's most popular professional pest control products. Tim-bor wins the fight against Drywood Termites, Decay Fungi, Wood Boring Beetles and Carpenter Ants.

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