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Target Pests

Imported Fire Ants (including Ants and Harvester Ants) Mound Treatment in Non-Crop Areas

For Use In

Surrender Fire Ant Killer is for outdoor use as a mound treatment for listed ants in turf around residential, commercial, and industrial sites. It can also be mixed with water and applied as a spray for drenching treatments of fire ant mounds.,


May be sprinkled over mound (1-2 teaspoons per mound) or drenched, 1 oz per 5 gallons of water.

Coverage Area

Surrender Fire Ant Killer works great killing fire ants! One 1 lb can kills up to 108 fire ant mounds

Time to Kill

Surrender Fire Ant Killer will begin to eliminate target pests within minutes after application and colony begins to die off less than 48 hours after application.

Active Ingredient

Acephate 75%

Surrender Fire Ant Killer Acephate 75%

Product Q & A

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Surrender Fire Ant Killer Acephate 75%


Surrender Fire Ant Killer contains 75% Acephate and is used for controlling Fire Ants. One can of Surrender will treat up to 108 Fire Ant mounds. Acephate 75 SP is a water soluble insecticide is absorbed in plant roots providing systemic control of feeding insects. Insect pests are generally better controlled by ingestion than by contact with Surrender Fire Ant Killer.

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Customer Reviews

  • Surrender Fire Ant Killer Acephate 75%
    By on 5/24/2015
    this is the best ant killer I found.had abount 80 ant mounds and now only have 3 or 4 after a rain. treat them with surrender and they gone. good stuff


  • Surrender Fire Ant Killer Acephate 75%
    By B Allen on 4/4/2012
    Was happy to find this product here.Have use before and it works great!


  • Surrender Fire Ant Killer Acephate 75%
    By Melinda Barnett on 5/7/2011
    a Friend had given me a can years ago. I finally used it up and bought more... having 15 acres, with horses, ponds - I walked through my fields and sprinkled a little on each one... I've only had one reoccurance - so I dusted it again. Excellent product.


  • Surrender Fire Ant Killer Acephate 75%
    By Ms. Gibson on 5/27/2010
    This product worked well with all bugs, not just fire ants.We placed some under the house and in corners and we haven't seen a bug since.The smell is overpowering at first, but it leaves after a few days.I would continue to recommend this product.It's cheaper than paying for a monthly exterminator.


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