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It is rustproof, stainproof and works great to seal weepholes and around plumbing, A/C, vents, and other places where rodents and insects enter. An industry standard in rat exclusion! Simply use a pair of scissors and cut off the amount you need. Then Stuffit ! As this is a very important step towards prevention of rat and mouse control by using pesticides

Coverage Area

Copper Stuf-Fit can be tacked, stapled or glued into any openings where it is needed. Each roll is 6 inches wide, Options for 20 ft or 100 ft (double folded and 100 or 400 ft long)

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How To

Rats, Mice, Bats, and Birds can't get through it.

Put in cracks, weepholes, soffit areas...anywhere pests enter structure for ultimate rodent exclusion

Stuff-It Copper Mesh Exclusion

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Stuff-It Copper Mesh Exclusion

Rats, mice or insects getting in through small holes? Stuffit copper mesh is the answer to all your rat exclusion problems! Steel wool rusts when it gets wet and usually causes rust stains where it drips. That's where Stuffit comes in. Stuffit is an important part of rodent exclusion because it's made of the finest ingredients such as brass, copper and other inert metals.
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