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Place the baited SNAP-E mouse trap near a wall and pull back on the upright bar until it locks firmly in catch. The vertical strike bar travels half the distance of old-fashioned wooden traps. The extra-large trip paddle and strike bar catch rodents from the front, sides and back. To release, simply pull back on the upright bar until mouse is released. Fingers never touch the mouse.

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Snap-E Mouse Trap

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Snap-E Mouse Trap

The SNAP-E is truly a "better mousetrap." Easy to bait. Easy to set. Easy to release. Escape proof and you never touch another mouse. The mechanism is smart, the materials are rugged. SNAP-E mousetraps are easy to use and made to last. Use them year after year. They're safe, simple and sanitary.Steel and durable polystyrene materials make them tough. Smart engineering - including a larger trip paddle and strike bar - makes them work every time.
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  • Snap-E Mouse Trap
    By AD on 9/22/2010
    Fall in rural Minnesota means mice moving into the house--the same mice that have chewed up wiring in our pickup truck, chewed up upholstery in our car and, once inside, continued making messes. Just last week we spent hours tearing apart a dryer with a mouse nest. Mice are not cute and we have maintained ""trap lines"" with other types of mouse traps for as long as I can remember. These traps? Great! Easy to set and deadly once a mouse gets near.



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