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For Use In

Homes, garages, trailers, barns, tents, stables, wood piles, tool sheds, flower beds, trash cans, playgrounds, lawns, kennels, anywhere snakes are or might be a danger to people, pets or property.,


How to Apply Snake Away:

1. Using gloves, apply in bands surrounding the area to be protected.

2. Use bands 4-5 inches wide to repel checkered garter snakes.

3. For rattlesnakes, use bands 8-12 inches wide.

4. In yards, lightly sprinkle Snake-A-Way over areas within the treatment band.

5. When the odor of Snake Away becomes faint, its effectiveness may be diminished. If this occurs during a season when snakes are active, retreat the area with enough of the product to restore the original odor intensity.

6. Re-treatment may also be necessary after heavy rains.

7. Do not use this product near streams, ponds, pools, or water supplies. This product is toxic to fish and may contaminate water.

8. Apply Spring, Summer and Fall. Restrictions: Cannot Ship To: CA, AK, HI

Coverage Area

1.75 lb. presentation covers .219 acres

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

naphthalene (7%) and sulfur (28%)

How To

Snake Away is the world's only EPA registered, university tested, patented snake repellent that will effectively repel both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. The Snake Away dry granular mixture is easy to apply and can be sprinkled by hand around homes, trailers, cabins, camp sites, and garages, or wherever snakes repellency is desired. Snake-A-Way is effective for up to 3 months. Treats up to ¼ acre lot with home.

Residual: 2 to 3 months 91% repellent rate of garter snakes and rattlesnakes Will not harm snakes Only EPA-registered granular snake repellent on the market Repels by temporarily disrupting a snake's sensory reception Granules are applied around the perimeter of area you want to protect
How does Snake Away work?

Dr. T's uses knowledge of the snake's Jacobson's organ which controls a snake's sensory reception ability. As Dr. T's Snake Away Snake Repellent's active ingredient vaporizes, it is brought into the sensory receptor (Jacobson's organ) of approaching snakes and creates an immediate interference. The result is that the snake's sensory system temporarily closes down, confounding the snake and scaring it into hasty retreat. This effect is only temporary, and the snake's sensory functions will return to normal after the snake has retreated far enough away from the treated area.


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Keep snakes away from areas they are not wanted. Dr. T's Nature Products will help you take care of your snake control problems! This granular patented formula is EPA registered and so easy to use.
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