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SFM 75 is for use in forestry and non-crop areas such as non-irrigation drainage ditches, intermittent drainage ditches, flooded low lying areas, seasonally dry flood plains, deltas, marshes, swamps, and bogs (after water has receded), highway, railroad and utility rights-of-way, roadsides and median strips, airports, sewage disposale areas, farm yards, fence rows, soil bank land, pipelines, storage areas, and utility, refinery, and industrial facilities. ,

Mix Rate

SFM 75 mix at a rate of 1 1/3 to 8 ounces per acre

Active Ingredient

Sulfometuron Methyl 75.0%

How To

lligare SFM 75 may be used for general weed control on terrestrial non-crop sites and for selective weed control in certain types of unimproved turf grasses on such sites.

It can also be used for selective weed control in forest site preparation and in the release of certain conifers and hardwoods.

Alligare SFM 75 may be applied on forestry and non-crop sites that contain areas of temporary surface water resulting from collection of water between planting beds, in equipment ruts or in other such depressions created by management activities. It is permissible to treat intermittent drainage, non-irrigation drainage ditches, intermittently flooded low-lying areas, seasonally dry flood plains and/or deltas, and transitional areas between upland and lowland sites when the water has drained but may occur in isolated pockets due to uneven or unlevel surface conditions. It is also permissible to treat marshes, swamps and bogs after water has receded.

DO NOT make applications to natural or man-made bodies of water such as lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, canals, or irrigation ditches.

Alligare SFM 75 may be applied by conventional ground equipment or by helicopter, unless otherwise directed in specific use sections of this label. Alligare SFM 75 can be tank mixed with other herbicides registered for use in forestry and non-crop sites. When tank mixing, use the most restrictive limitations from the labeling of both products.

Drift control agents may be used with Alligare SFM 75 according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Alligare SFM 75 controls weeds by both preemergence and postemergence activity. Preemergence treatments control or suppress weeds through root uptake while postemergence control works through root and foliar uptake. The best results are obtained when the application is made before or during the early stages of weed growth before weeds develop an established root system. Moisture is required to move Alligare SFM 75 into the root zone of weeds for preemergence control. When rainfall is low, Alligare SFM 75 may not provide satisfactory control.

For best postemergence results, apply Alligare SFM 75 to young, actively growing weeds. The use rate depends upon the weed species, weed size at application, and soil texture. The degree and duration of control may depend on the following:


  • weed spectrum and infestation intensity
  • weed size at application
  • environmental conditions at and following treatment
  • soil pH, soil moisture, and soil organic matter


Use a high rate on established plants and on fine-textured soils and a lower rate on smaller weeds and coarse-textured soils.

SFM 75 Sulfemeteron Herbicide

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SFM 75 Sulfemeteron Herbicide

Post-emergent broadleaf weed control in non-crop industrial sites, forestry, and vegetation control around roadsides and railroads Alligare SFM 75 is a dispersible granule that is mixed in water and applied as a spray. Alligare SFM 75 is non-corrosive, nonflammable, nonvolatile, and does not freeze. Alligare SFM 75 controls many annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in forestry and non-crop sites.
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