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Target Pests

RoundUp QuikPro Herbicide is used for the control of most annual and perennial weeds and grasses with one application. It will control annual weeds bluegrass, cheatgrass, corn, eclipta, goosegrass, horseweed, johnsongrass, red rice, pigweed, mayweed, iceplant perennial weeds, woody brush and trees and other weeds.,

For Use In

Roundup QuickPro Herbicide is for use anywhere there is undesirable vegetation. Extra care should be taken to ensure that non-target vegetation is protected from any drift.,


To apply Roundup Quickpro you will need a compressed air sprayer. Mix 1.5oz of product per gallon of water. If you have a 10 gallon sprayer you would mix 15 ounces of quickpro.

Then apply the finished solution to the vegetation's foliage making sure to cover at least 50% of the leaves. This allows the product the most surface area to be absorbed into the plant. Make sure to spray to wet and not to runoff as you want the product on the plant's foliage.

You should use approximately 1 finished gallon of solution per 1000 square feet of treated area.

Be careful about drift as any vegetation this product touches will be killed off.

Coverage Area

Roundup QuikPro is used at a rate of 9 lbs per acre for control of all vegetation.

Time to Kill

Start seeing results as soon as 24 hours

Mix Rate

1 box contains 5 individual packets which are easy to use pre-measured ( makes 1 gallon each) 2.25 lb's per acre.

Active Ingredient

Glyphosate 73.3%, Diquat 2.9%

RoundUp QuikPro Herbicide

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RoundUp QuikPro Herbicide

Looking for a Fast Burn down then this is your product of choice, the dry formulation is easy to handle, mix and store. See results in 24 hours.
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What about pets, are there any ill effects, if so how long before the area can be used for dogs?
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Customer Reviews

  • RoundUp QuikPro Herbicide
    By Debra on 5/16/2017
    QuikPro is awesome weed killer.
    I sprayed weeds in my driveway, the next day it started to rain and it rained for 4 days. The weeds still died. I thought the rain would was the Quikpro away but it didn't. I would highly recommend it.


  • RoundUp QuikPro Herbicide
    By Mikie Keough on 5/30/2011
    I was tired of wasting money on products from Lowes and Homedepot. This product Kills weeds and grass quickly.



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