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Target Pests

Aquatic Weeds & Terrestrial Weeds

For Use In

Roundup Custom Herbicide is for use in aquatic sites, specific crop areas, non-agricultural crop sites, industrial areas, turf, ornamentals, forestry, roadsides, utility rights-of-way, and many other listed areas.,


This product requires a surfactant be added for proper application. 

Coverage Area

2.5 Gallon treats up to 320,000 square feet.

Time to Kill

10 to 14 Days

Mix Rate

1 ounce per gallon

Active Ingredient

53.8% Glyphosate

How To

Anywhere weeds and water meet, there's a strong chance that vegetation management problems can grow. Anyone who manages weeds and brush in sensitive aquatic or terrestrial sites knows that when left unchecked they create a growing problem. Roundup Custom™ herbicide offers a multi-task solution with applicator and use site flexibility.


  • Application and use flexibility for weed and brush control by land or water
  • Offers the flexibility to choose the right surfactant, tank mix or custom herbicide blend for the job at hand
  • Non-selective and highly effective on more than 190 species of emerged weeds, brush and vines
  • Excellent fit for all aquatic, forestry, right-of-way, industrial, turf, ornamental and habitat-restoration use sites, especially where weeds and water meet
  • Eco-friendly packaging


    Favorable Environmental and Toxicological Characteristics

    The favorable environmental and toxicological characteristic of Roundup Custom™ are well documented from nearly 40 years of research and use involving the active ingredient glyphosate.

  • Glyphosate is classified as non-volatile
  • No restriction on water use for irrigation, recreation or domestic purposes
  • Binds tightly to soil particles on land or in water, and rapidly dissipates through microbial degradation
  • Roundup Custom is practically nontoxic and essentially non-irritating to birds, fish, mammals, and soil or aquatic organisms

Roundup Custom Herbicide Aquatic

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Roundup Custom Herbicide Aquatic

ROUNDUP CUSTOM is a postemergent, systemic herbicide with no residual soil activity. It gives broad-spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. It is formulated as a water-soluble liquid and may be applied through standard equipment after dilution and mixing with water or other carriers according to label instructions.
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