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Rotary 2 SL Herbicide is for use in forestry sites that may contain surface water caused by forestry activities, drainage ditches (edges only if water is present), intermittenly flooded low lying areas, marshes, swamps, and bogs (after water has receded), seasonally dry flood deltas, pasture grass, rangelands, and other specific listed sites.,


Alligare Rotary 2 SL is an aqueous solution intended to be mixed with water, diesel oil, or recommended seed oils and penetrating oils for various applications to control undesirable vegetation in forestry sites managed for timber production. It can be used along forestry roads, for site preparation, for conifer release from woody and herbaceous competition, and for stump and cut-stem treatment of unwanted woody vegetation. Alligare Rotary 2 SL may also be applied on forestry sites where temporary surface water may collect, such as in potholes, between planting beds, in equipment ruts, etc., created by forest management activities, except in the states of California and New York. Alligare Rotary 2 SL may be used to control undesirable vegetation along non-irrigation ditch banks and for the establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings, except in the state of California

Active Ingredient

Imazapyr 27.8%

Rotary 2 SL Forestry Herbicide

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Rotary 2 SL Forestry Herbicide

Alligare Rotary 2 SL controls undesireable vegetation in forestry use sites managed for timber production, including forest roads. Alligare Rotary 2 SL may be used on 1) forestry sites that contain temporary surface water in areas caused by forest management activities; 2) to treat drainage ditches (edges only if water is present), intermittent drainage, intermittently flooded low lying sites, seasonally dry flood plains and transitional areas between upland and lowland sites when no water is present; and 3) be applied to marshes, swamps and bogs after water has receded, as well as seasonally dry flood deltas, except in the states of California and New York; 4) pasture grass, rangeland and other labeled non-cropland areas.
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