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Target Pests

Controls more than 35 brush species plus some important broadleaf weeds,

For Use In

Remedy EC Herbicide is recommended for the control of undesirable woody plants and annual and perennial broadleaved weeds on pastures and rangelands.,


For control of woody plants on pastures and rangelands, use Remedy Ultra Herbicide in oil mixtures prepared and applied as described below. Use a diluent such as mineral oil or vegetable oil. Add Remedy Ultra Herbicide to the required amount of oil in the mixing tank and mix thoroughly.

When mixing with oils commercially formulated for basal bark herbicide applications, read and follow the use directions and precautions on the product label prepared by the oil's manufacturer. Use the higher spray mixture concentration of Remedy Ultra Herbicide when treating basal sprouting and root suckering species or when applying during the dormant season.

Remedy Ultra Herbicide Mixing Instructions

Want to know how much remedy per gallon of water? Use low nozzle pressure to minimize spattering of spray solution off the target stem. One-Sided Low Volume To control woody plants with stems less than 15 cm in basal diameter, mix 20 to 30 L of Remedy Ultra Herbicide in enough oil diluent to make 100 L of spray mixture.

Apply with a knapsack or backpack sprayer using a flat fan or solid cone nozzle, or wick attachment. Low pump pressures of 70 to 210 kPa are recommended. Spray the basal parts of at least one side of each stem to thoroughly wet the lower 30 cm, including the root collar area, but not to the point of runoff. Apply at any time, including the winter months, except when snow or water prevent spraying at the ground line. Streamline To control woody plants, mix 20 to 30 L of Remedy Ultra Herbicide in enough oil to make 100 L of spray mixture.

Apply using a knapsack or backpack sprayer with a flat fan or solid cone nozzle, or wick attachment. Low pump pressures of 70 to 210 kPa are recommended. Apply sufficient spray to one side of stems less than 8 cm in basal diameter to form a band 5 cm in width. When the optimum amount of spray mixture is applied, the treated zone should widen to encircle the stem within approximately 30 minutes.

Treat both sides of stems which are 8 to 15 cm in basal diameter. Direct the spray at a point on the stem that is approximately 30 to 50 cm above ground level. Optimal results are achieved when applications are made to young vigorously growing stems which have not developed the thicker bark characteristics of slower growing, under story trees in older stands. Apply at any time, including the winter months, except when snow or water prevents spraying at the desired height above ground level.

Mix Rate

Approximate application rates: 1.75-2.8 quarts per acre. Spot Spray: Mix approximately 2 ounces per gallon of water & wet all the foliage well. Adding a surfactant is recommended at 1/2 ounce per gallon or 1 quart per 100 gallon water

Active Ingredient

Triclopyr 60.45%

How To

There are no grazing restrictions if Remedy is applied at 2 L/ac or less, or if less than 25% of the area was treated. At higher treatment rates, wait 14 days before grazing.

Remedy Ultra Herbicide

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Remedy Ultra Herbicide

Remedy a herbicide and specialty weed control product has been developed specifically for range and pasture, is the most economical way to reclaim your pasture from brush encroachment and improve grass productivity. Selective brush and mid-size tree control for fence line maintenance and pasture regeneration. RemedyTM is a low residual alternative to mechanical removal and comes with low environmental impact.
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How much remedy do I mix in 15 gallons of water. And how much surfactant? This is for the control of blackberries. Also how much time is required between application and rain.
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Customer Reviews

  • Remedy Ultra Herbicide
    By Eric Wichman on 7/31/2014
    Using to control brush and hard to kill broadleafs.


  • Remedy Ultra Herbicide
    By David Bartlett on 4/24/2010
    I have used Garlon, whcih has the same active ingredient, but Remedy is much cheaper. If mixed with 2-4D you can get the same results, but at a much better price (at least at ePestSolutions). Customer service is great and shipping is prompt.



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