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Various Fly Lights including Vector Classic, Vector Plasma, Vector Plasma One, Vector Eclipse, PestWest Mantis Fly Lights (Mantis 1 x 2),

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To Help Get Control of Your flying Insect Problem:

Residual insecticides

Residual insecticides are often used to control adult flies on resting sites and other surfaces frequented by flies.

Think about where you see flies resting walls, dumpsters, trash receptacle, etc. This type of treatment is most commonly used around dumpsters, loading dock areas, and around windows and doorways.

Prescription Treatment® brand Cy-Kick® CS Controlled

Release Cyfluthrin is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

You can use as little as 0.8 ounce per gallon of water, and this will typically treat 1,000 square feet. The purpose of this type of treatment is to kill as many flies as possible either before they enter the structure or before they have an opportunity to lay eggs inside.

You may want to check out a Contact insecticides

Contact insecticides are commonly used to quickly knockdown adult fly populations, indoors and outdoors.

This strategy works very well to control the visible adults that you are seeing.

And it will quickly reduce the number of egg-laying adults within the facility.

For contact insecticide sprays to be effective, it must be integrated with other techniques that aim at reducing the population of adults that are already flying around the facility. Prescription

Treatment® brand P.I.® Contact Insecticide Formula 1 and

Prescription Treatment® brand ULD® BP-100 Contact

Insecticide Formula 1 are two excellent choices for this type of application.

Both contain fast-acting pyrethrins, a botanical pesticide, capable of knocking down adult flies both indoors and outdoors.

Introducing the Vector Eclipse fly trap, the latest member of the Vector family of superior flying insect control products.

This decorative pest control trap doesn't look like a bug light and that's the beauty of it. Its two 15 watt bulbs and Vector Universal Glueboard C provide the performance your customers need. Like all Vector light traps, the Eclipse is easy to service and install. Perfect for restaurant dining areas and other front of- house locations where discretion is required. Hidden glueboards prevent customers from seeing flies, and the brushed aluminum styling and LED accent lights create the appearance of a decorative wall light. This Vector Eclipse fly trap from Whitmire Micro-Gen combines function, style and serviceability.

Accessories/Replacement Components:

PT 907 Vector Universal Glueboards

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PT 907 Vector Universal Glueboards


Will fit all Vector Units Vector Classic Universal Glueboards

Will fit all Vector classics, and plasma one and plasma lights.

Each sheet is perforated and the Vector Classic using only 1 piece of the perforated sheet and Vector Plasma lights will use both pices of the perforated glueboard.

Lures last for 90 days, and how often you change you glueboards will be determined by the amount of flying insects in the area and also dust.

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