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Schools, food production plants and other accounts where attractants, such as peanut butter, are prohibited.,


Place a small amount of Provoke on your snap trap, mouse multi-catch trap or glue board. PROVOKE mouse attractant works best if there are no other food sources that the mice have gotten use to. If they are already eating nuts, pet food, or other sources in the area, then try that for bait or nesting material instead of provoke.

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Easy to use, place a small amount of Provoke on the your snap trap or on small piece of paper or cardboard to place in mouse multi-catch trap (kethall or Pro-ketch) or glue board. Catch as much as 3 times more mice in a shorter period by simply adding this to your trapping system. This is a mouse lure that works! Mice Can't Resist This Non-Toxic Attractant Even the most finicky mouse will have a hard time resisting Bell's new mouse attractant, PROVOKE Professional Mouse Attractant. Developed by the same experts that formulate Bell's highly effective baits, new PROVOKE is the first and only mouse lure specifically developed for mice. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, PROVOKE is especially useful in accounts where mouse attractants, such as peanut butter, are prohibited. PROVOKE can easily be dispensed on any type of mouse trap using the conveniently-sized 2 oz./56g squeeze bottle with nozzle. This water soluble attractant won't stain carpet or clothing.

Provoke Mouse Attractant

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Provoke Mouse Attractant

Provoke Mouse Attractant is the first and only attractant designed specifically for mice, according to their food preferences.
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  • Provoke Mouse Attractant
    By Bill on 12/12/2014
    This is so worth getting! I used this in my T-rex Rat Snap trap and it works wonders!



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