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Target Pest(s): Norway Rats Roof Rats, House Mice and other Rodents Yield: Holds eight 15g, 20g or 28g/1 oz. BLOX or a TRAPPER T-Rex Rat Snap Trap. Dimensions: 13 in. long x 11 in. wide x 8 in. height Special Features: Naturally textured surface for a realistic appearance designed to blend in with outdoor environment Parts Included: Four vertical rods per station, one standard two-prong PROTECTA key included per order ,

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Protecta Landscape Bait Stations are designed to be used outdoors around residential and commercial buildings to protect rat and mouse poison from children, pets, and the elements.,


The station hinges are very durable and will open and close over a 100,000 times without breaking. Protecta rat bait system can hold up to one pt of liquid and 1 lb dry bait. The vertical and horizontal rods keep blox bait securely in the station. The bait station locks with a locking screw and unlock with the provided Allen key wrench or a padlock. To make cleaning and rebaiting easier there are liners that fit into the bait compartments. Inside the Protecta bait stations come with rods to skew on Contrac Blox, Fastrac, or Final Blox bait blocks. This will help secure the bait, so that there isn't just one rat getting all the bait, getting better control through the entire population.

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The Protecta Landscape Bait Station is a durable tamper-resistant outdoor station for catching mice and rats. The station easily blends in with outdoor settings with a naturally textured surface for a realistic appearance. Four vertical bait-securing rods hold eight 1 oz. rodenticide bait blox (such as Contrac Blox, Final Blox or Fas-Trac Blox) (sold separately) securely inside the station. As with Protecta Rat bait station, Protecta Landscape also accommodates a Trapper T-Rex rat snap trap. The station locks and opens with the included 2-prong Protect key.

Protecta Landscape Bait Station

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Protecta Landscape Bait Station

Protecta Landscape Rat Bait Station can be used in two different ways. You can place just bait inside and use it as a bait station or include either glue traps or T Rex traps to also use as traps. The Protect A Rat is a tamper proof and also has a safely lock that can only be opened with a key making it children and pet safe. The Protect A Rat Bait Station is designed to look like a stone so that it fits into your lawn area indistinguishably. It can also be used inside the home as well. Sandstone- Model - LS1200/One Protecta Key is included with each order
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