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Well-designed Bee Suit, correctly sized and properly worn bee suits and gloves provide effective and comfortable protection against stings from bees, wasps and hornets.,


This is a complete coverall beesuit that is professional grade. Made to be both comfortably lightweight and durable, this suit will protect you from stinging insects will working on site. It is a coverall suit that features elasticized parts at the waist, wrists and ankles to that it is secure around your body. Included with the suit are gloves, pith helmet, and a collapsible square veil that will rest on top of the helmet. The veil is elasticized so that it fits snug and securely around the rim of the helmet to ensure that no pests will be able to get into the suit. It is a traditional pull-string veil that crosses the front of the chest and is tied in the back. This particular suit also has a secondary option of a standard self-supporting veil that can be attached to the suit by a double neck zipper.

Complete Professional Bee Suit

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Complete Professional Bee Suit

This comfortable, lightweight bee keepers Bee suit and is constructed of a 50% cotton- 50% polyester blend for strength and durability. Suit includes: Coveralls with elastic wrists and ankles, White vented Helmet, Attached Zipper Veil and Leather Bee Gloves
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  • Complete Professional Bee Suit
    By Jesse on 2/19/2015
    This Suit is great and allot cheaper than most other suits out there! I love the price and I love the suit!



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