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Wettable Powder Insecticide Products

When it comes to conducting pest control, most of the common pests love to hide in cracks and crevices that are hard to reach with conventional products like liquid insecticides or aerosol sprays. That is why wettable powders are such a great tool to use in certain situations because it can achieve results in areas that other pest control options cannot.

ePestSolutions carries some of the best wettable powder insecticides on the market. These products are a solid alternative to consider when conducting a pest control program because of its benefits. Wettable powders are a specialized formulation of insecticide where the active ingredient has been ground into powder form.

Wettable powder is recommended to be mixed with water and then sprayed onto surfaces and into cracks crevices and voids. Unlike soluble powders, which dissolve when mixed with water, wettable powders do not. This is a helpful trait when it comes to having a long-lasting residual effect compared to other insecticides and sprays which fade away as soon as the liquid dries up.

Wettable powders are a fantastic option, especially when treating porous surfaces like concrete and unfinished wood where water seeps into the material. Once the water has been dried out and evaporated, the powder remains onto the surface of wherever it is applied, ready and waiting to be picked up by offending pests and insects.

Browse our selection of wettable powder insecticide products above and if you ever need help selecting the best product for you or need helpful DIY advice, you can contact us via online live chat, email or phone and we can give you the guidance you need, for free.


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