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Termite Bait Products

Termites can be a frustrating pest to deal with for homeowners. This silent destroyer eats away at the precious wooden structure of your home which can both be dangerous and expensive to repair. Getting rid of these wood-loving pests can be difficult if you’re not sure of the right techniques to implement and the right products to use.

One effective method of eliminating termites, aside from liquid termiticides, is termite bait products. Termite bait can be used as a sole method of eliminating a termite infestation on a property or be used in combination with liquid treatments. When used correctly, termite bait can potentially wipe out an entire hungry colony of termites, putting a stop to the destruction they bring.

How does Termite Bait Work?

Termite baiting is a solid method of termite control because it’s targets the worker termites in the colony who are out foraging for food. Once the worker termites are killed, there is no more food coming into the colony and the reproductives, queens and solider termites which stay within the nest begin to die off from starvation, thus taking out the entire colony.

This is accomplished via termite bait which are dispersed in small edible cartridges which worker termites will discover during their foraging. The slow-killing bait formula is shared amongst the colony, ideally creating a domino effect where large populations are taking down via the termite bait.

Benefits of Using Termite Bait

Termite baits are a much more convenient and less labor intensive way than the conventional means of termite control. Using termite baits involves no digging of trenches around your home and pouring liquid termiticide around. Simply install the termite baits around your home and let the bait do the work for you.

ePestSolutions carries a variety of effective termite baits in stock. View our selection of termite baits above and if you ever have any questions you can reach out to us anytime via email or phone and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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