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Surfactants Products

When spraying weeds on your lawn with herbicides it can be frustrating when the chemical isn’t able to stick to the plant the way you want it to. This is when it is useful to mix your preferred herbicide with a surfactant for better results.

A surfactant (also known as an emulsifier or wetting agent) is a form of chemical adjuvant which acts as a buffer, breaking up the surface tension of a liquid. In lawn and garden herbicides this wetting agent is used to help breakdown the plant’s resistance in absorbing the chemical being applied to it.

At ePestSolutions we carry some of the best surfactants available which are guaranteed to drastically improve the effectiveness of your selected herbicide whether you’re wanting to kill weeds, remove fungus or eliminate lawn pests that are attacking your yard’s vegetation.

How To Use Surfactants

Surfactants can be applied two ways:

  1. Mixing the surfactant with the herbicide in the same container, and apply them simultaneously to the plant.
  2. Or spraying the target plant with the wetting agent first, and then applying the herbicide.

We would recommend the former method as it saves time spent doing the application. All of the surfactants we carry are labeled to be mixed with all of the herbicides we sell, and will not cause affect or degrade the product.

Feel free to browse our surfactant products above. Should you need any help, we offer expert advice in our online knowledge base which details how to use our various products and we can also help you over the phone or via email.


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