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Rodenticide Pest Control Products

A rodent infestation can drive homeowners crazy. Rodents are destructive, they contaminate foods and they have the potential of spreading hazardous disease, not to mention that if left untreated that can multiply to uncontrollable numbers. Aside from traps, a recommended way to eliminate rodents is rodenticide pest control.

Rodenticide pest control includes a combination of rodent killing poisons and baits, both of which are very effective methods for control rats and mice. ePestSolutions carries a number of different high-quality rodenticides in their various forms that you would be hard pressed to find at a big box store. Rodenticides are versatile and they are more convenient than ever before coming in block form which reduces mess and the need for clean up.

How Rodenticides Work

If you have a rodent problem in your home, you’re well aware that they have an insatiable appetite and will eat absolutely anything left around. By conducting a thorough sanitation of your home, you will reduce options for rodents to eat so at this point they’ll be starving for anything, and that’s when rodenticides work at their best.

The key to an effective rodenticide is that its scent and taste resembles the favorite foods of rats and mice. That is why that a lot of our baits we carry are flavored and scented like peanut butter and other foods that rodents enjoy, making the placement of rodenticides irresistible. Our rodenticide is to die for (quite literally for rodents)!

Browse our pest control rodenticides above. If you have any questions or would like helpful how-to rodent control advice, feel free to give us call or email us. We’d love to assist you.


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