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Professional Pump Sprayer Products

Some of the best methods of tackling common household pests and weeds are professional grade herbicides and pesticides. However, it wouldn’t be wise to use these high-quality chemicals without the right equipment. To effectively apply herbicides and pesticides, we recommend using a professional pump sprayer.

Pesticide and herbicide sprayers are an essential part of a solid pest control program. ePestSolutions carries in stock a large variety of professional pump sprayers which can be used safely in and around the home as well as on lawns and garden. We carry top of the line stainless steel sprayers from respected companies like B&G and handheld, adjustable poly sprayers which can over a gallon of solution. These are the same type of sprayers you would see a pest control professional carrying when hired for extermination. At ePestSolutions make it our mission to ensure you get the best quality spraying equipment at an affordable price.

Our professional pump sprayers work for both herbicide and pesticide application. If you do use our sprayers for both uses, we highly recommend rinsing sprayer tanks out with water before switching chemicals. Using our herbicide and pesticide sprayers to kill both weeds and bugs should be no issue.

We Carry the Best Professional Pump Sprayers

Hiring a pest control professional can be quite expensive, not because of the equipment they carry, but mostly because of the labor fees they charge for exterminating pests from your home. If you possess the proper equipment and conduct the labor yourself, you are practically saving yourself a hefty pest control bill.

Depending on the size and location of the area being sprayed, a good pump sprayer can bring a high level of convenience in the application process, ensuring a quick and convenient treatment. For some, having a professional pump sprayer helps conduct a job more thoroughly, which as a result, makes the product more effective in its usage.

Based on customer feedback, and our own thorough testing procedures, we only carry sprayer brands that produce satisfying results and have superior performance.

Browse our herbicide and pesticide sprayers above and if you have any further questions or would like how-to advice, we’d love to be of assistance to you.


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