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Pond Care Products

If you have a pond or own a lakeside property, one problem you may run into are aquatic weeds. Aquatic weeds like algae, duckweed and water lettuce actually are an asset to ponds because they provide many benefits such as natural filtration, food and habitat for fish.

However, when aquatic weeds grow in excessively large amounts in your pond they not only can become an eyesore but they can also make it difficult to enjoy recreational activities like swimming and fishing. To effectively manage these growths before they get out of control, you will need to invest in pond care products such as aquatic herbicides to restore the beauty of your pond.

At ePestSolutions, we can help you to tackle your pond weed issues using our professional-grade pond care products. We carry the best products on the market when it comes to controlling aquatic weeds that are in your ponds and other bodies of water. Also as a supplement to our products, we have free helpful guides on how to apply and properly use the aquatic herbicide products we carry.

Browse our selection of pond care products above. If you are in need of DIY advice or have any questions about an order, we are available via phone, email or online live chat to assist you.


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