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Plant Growth Regulator Products

When maintaining a lawn or garden, they may be times when doing the regular practices of watering and sunlight may result in either too much growth or not enough growth depending on what you are growing. That is when it may be necessary to have some chemical intervention aid you in your lawn maintenance, such as plant growth regulators.

What Are Plant Growth Regulators?

Plant growth regulators, otherwise called plant exogenous hormones, are engineered substances that are similar to common plant hormones. They are utilized to manage the growth of plants and are vital measures in ensuring adequate production of plant life. Plant growth regulators are safe to use and apply if followed according to detailed instructions on the chemical label. However, if misused, the growth of plants may become much too quick, bringing about maturing and flowering of the plant while the core remains raw. If PGRs are used on fruits and are misused, this can unfavorably influence taste and nature of organically grown products.

ePestSolutions carries plant growth regulators you can use on your lawn or garden to aid you in improving your turf quality or getting your garden plants to their desired growth stage. You won’t find this high-quality product at your regular department store or garden center.

Browse our plant growth regulator products above. For any questions or concerns, call us, shoot us an email or live chat with us online and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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