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Pest Repellent Products

Aside from the common household pests which typically try to make themselves at home on a homeowners property, there are other pests which like to trespass where they don’t belong and wreak havoc on a home or lawn. These include birds, voles, snakes and raccoons. These animals can wander onto your property and when they do, you have to prepare for it or else you’re in for a headache.

Pest repellants are an effective and inexpensive way to keep animals and critters that like to frequent your yard and cause mischief. At ePestSolutions we have in stock a variety of repellents for various common wildlife critters that are known for making themselves comfortable in neighborhoods they trek onto when foraging for food.

How Pest Repellents Work

There are a variety of pest repellent products available out on the market, and most can repel multiple types of animals and often contain similar ingredients that deter animals. Some of the more common active ingredients include pepper, garlic oil, and capsaicin among others. These ingredients work by irritating nasal passages or mouth with the scent or flavor of these products.

There are also bird repellents that either can be edible or visual which can scare off birds from an area where they are frequently gathering.

Browse our pest repellant products above and don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone or live chat for any questions you have or for DIY advice.


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