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Odor Eliminator Products

Control for Your Home or Office

No one would ever admit that someone’s house, office or car has a smell, but it can leave a bad impression on someone when they enter and get a “wiff” of something. Odors can come from a variety of sources, pet odors, rodent odors, feces, urine, mildew and a decomposing animal. But no worries we have you covered, with a full line of products that are the best odor eliminators on the market. When we are trying to control and eliminate rodent problems, we would all prefer that it went and died somewhere else, but sadly that is not a predictable outcome and we should be prepared for the fact that we will be dealing with a strong odor.


We offer a couple of solutions that work great for especially if you cannot locate the carcass. Rat sorb is meant to neutralize the organic matter in the area that our noses are picking up, and it works by placing a small amount on a cotton ball and then throwing it in the area that you suspect the animal to be located, can be dropped down the wall and thrown in attic crawl spaces. We also carry the new EcoSafe® ZR1™ Odor Neutralizer, the chemistry behind EcoSafe® Odor Neutralizer is called ZR1™. It's a combination of ultra pure deionized water, soil borne minerals, simple stabilizers and amazingly refreshing scents. This product works great to neautralize the odor that can plague your home, car or office. So when you are looking to control odors found in any of the area below think about ePestSolutions and Buy one of our High Quality Professional Products for Odor Control

  • odors from dead animals, rats, skunks
  • odors from smoke, cooking, grease, food
  • odors from urine, fecal, vomit, incontinence
  • odors in your homes, offices, all buildings
  • odors in your cars, trucks, planes, boats, ships
  • odors from trash dumpsters, receptacles
  • odors from walls, floors, carpets and soil
  • odors from a/c ducts, air filters and more!

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