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Concentrates & Smart Caps Products

When your MistAway Mosquito Misting System is in need misting concentrates or smart caps, Solutions Pest and Lawn has your covered for whatever part you need big or small. Concentrates and smart caps are vital to the effectiveness of your misting system and when these specially made concentrates and parts need replacing or repairing on your Mosquito Misting System, you are not going to find these parts at your local hardware store.

Concentrates like Riptide and Sector are the leading brand of mosquito misting concentrate, containing the active ingredient of Natural Pyrethrins which are scientifically proven to be tremendously effective in killing mosquitos and other bugs when misted into the air wherever they are active.

Smart Caps are also a vital part of the mosquito misting setup because they are electronically configured to seal in the misting concentrate and is able to notify and monitor the amount of mist remaining and when refills and replacements are needed. The controller on the MistAway Mosquito Misting systems reads data from the RFID (radio frequency identification ) tag on Smart Caps in order to control dosing and annunciate remaining concentrate volume.  Smart Caps typically must be replaced when bottle of concentrate is empty.

We understand that going on a hunt for parts and concentrates such as these can be time-consuming and frustrating, that’s why on top of having Mosquito Misting Systems in stock, we have all the other things necessary, should the need arise. We are one of the largest suppliers of MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems, parts and accessories so we will surely find the parts and concentrates you need to put your misting system to good use. As experts in the pest control industry, we understand the plight of DIYers and that is why we aim to carry all you need in one place, stocked in our warehouse.

Along with carrying these high quality concentrates and smart caps, we also have helpful MistAway manuals, online how to guides, installation recommendations via phone and repairs and winterizing instructions in PDF format directly on our website at your convenience.

ePestSolutions  and we show it by going above and beyond in helping customers find what they need and once you do, we want to help you as much as possible in using the product properly and achieving the goals you seek to achieve.   We won't sell you things you don't need and we promise to give you the full & complete information you are seeking.

Browse our products below and if you are having trouble finding a desired part or have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at (800) 479-6583 or email us at One of our experienced specialists can point you in the right direction.



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