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Insecticide Duster Products

It may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of pest control but dusts and insecticide dusters are an important tool to have in your arsenal when targeting common household pests like roaches, ants, bedbugs, ticks and fleas. Insecticide dusters come in handy when used in tandem with high-quality insecticide dusts because they can not only kill insects, but can keep them gone for a long period of time long after application.

Insecticide dusters make a pest control program convenient because you are able to gain tremendous reach with dusts as they can get deep into cracks and crevices where bugs like to hide and usually other forms of pest control like liquid sprays and baits won’t be able to extend that far.

Here at ePestSolutions, we carry a wide selection of insecticide dusters and accessories you will need to get your pest control done right all by yourself. Applying dust with a duster is easy and will save you money as opposed to hiring a professional company to do pest control dusting for you.

The hand dusters we carry are either pump based (like the B&G Bulb Duster 1150) or electric based (like the 2250 Electronic Duster). They are lightweight and simple to use as their function is to blow dust into those hard to reach areas and narrow cracks and voids.

Feel free to browse all of our insecticide dusters above. Should you need any help, we offer expert advice both online and over the phone and can guide you through each step of the pest elimination process using a duster.


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