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Insect Traps Products

When carrying out a pest control program, it can be tough to monitor and treat insects that are always in hiding such as roaches and pantry bugs, or they just make it tough to treat since they’re always on the move (like flies). One of the best methods of capturing insects which is also non-toxic is laying out insect traps. This method of control is inexpensive yet effective and should be considered as part of a solid pest control strategy.

How Do Insect Traps Work?

Insect traps work well because they contain insect pheromones. Insect traps usually comprise of a small glue trap that is inserted with sex pheromone or it comes with a small vial of sex pheromone that can be laid out on the trap. Insect pheromones are hormonal scents which are typically emitted by the female bug which grabs the attention of the male as a cue to mate. Male insects are lured to the trap and caught in the glue.

Place traps in areas where you are suspect high insect activity or where your target pest likes to frequent. Cabinets, pantries and closets are good places to start and can help you learn if you have a smaller infestation or a much larger one than anticipated.

ePestSolutions carries a variety of the best insect traps on the market. View our selection above and feel free to contact us via phone, live chat or email if you have any questions you’d like us to address.


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