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Insect Fogger Products

There are times when using the conventional pest control products won’t get you the results you are looking for and you need to break out the big guns. That’s when an insect fogger can come in handy. Insect foggers can make it much more convenient to treat problem pests and perform tasks which other products wouldn’t be able to do as effectively.

Fogs and mists help to fill up a space with a solution, or to allow a product to remain in the air for a longer period of time. Fogging equipment is specialized and necessary when using certain products, and we sell everything you need for pest control fogging and misting.

Fog produced from a fogger contain very small droplets of solution (in this case insecticide) which can reach 50 microns in diameter or less. This creates a fog which permeates through the air and kills whatever pest that is being targeted.

ePestSolutions carries a wide selection of foggers and depending on your budget, you can find one for to take take care of insects like mosquitoes and roaches the right way. From electric foggers to ULV foggers, our insect foggers are high quality and built to last.

Browse our insect foggers above and if you need more information, let us know by giving us a call or shooting us and email and we’ll be happy to give you advice and answer your questions.


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