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Insect growth regulators or IGRs are an important pest management tool because they help to reduce, eliminate or prevent infestations of offending insects without the use of conventional insecticide chemicals. This is ideal for when pest problems begin arising in homes and public establishments like restaurants, hospitals and warehouses where strong-odored chemicals would be unpleasant. To put it bluntly, IGRs are essentially birth control for roaches and insects in that they contain materials that prevent the growth or maturity of insect laid eggs.

ePestSolutions is proud to carry a vast selection of IGRs as part of our line of high-quality and professional grade pest control products. IGRs are odorless and harmless to use around children and pets making it safe to apply anywhere.

IGRs: An essential Pest Control Tool

Use Insect Growth Regulator products to help control, prevent or eliminate drain flies, moth flies, fruit flies, cockroaches (including German Cockroaches) and stored product pests. Each IGR product brings with it different benefits and advantages so be sure to read our guides and check out our knowledge base to learn more. You can also contact us to see which item would be best to use for your particular pest problem.

Browse our products above and do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance with your order or for helpful DIY advice.


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