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Herbicide Dye Products

A helpful couple of tools when it comes to weed control are herbicide dyes. These are helpful when it comes to weed management in that they make the process more efficient by being a clear indicator of where herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals have been sprayed to prevent over spraying from happening or the applicator forgetting where they have already sprayed.

ePestSolutions carries herbicide dyes and other adjuvants in stock to aid and enhance the efficiency of your lawn maintenance and weed killing program. Adding a herbicide dye to your herbicide or pesticide application will save you time and money and ensure you that your application is done right the first time around.

Marking dye is very simple to use and mix with your pesticides, liquid fertilizers and other specialty spray of choice. Simply mix 10-20 ml per liter of herbicide. Shake well to ensure it mixes thoroughly with your preferred herbicide or fungicide before adding to a tank or sprayer.

Feel free to browse our herbicide dye products above. Should you need any help, we offer expert advice in our online knowledge base which details how to use our various products or we can also help you over the phone or live chat.


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