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Looking for the best in a weed killer, weed control or a herbicide? offers the best prices on the top weed control solutions for your home's grass lawn and garden with the fastest delivery time. Need a great weed killer? Select from brands like Round-up, Eraser and Sedgehammer and pump n go sprayers to post emergent and pre-emergent systemic herbicide, offers a wide range selection of weed killers and herbicides to take care of your weed problems. We also offer solutions on problems with crab grass, poison ivy, nutsedge, broadleaf weeds, wild onion and garlic, dollarweed, annual bluegrass, and other lawn or garden products to help control weeds. Have questions about your pest or controlling weeds? Then feel free to contact us by going here, one of our customer service representatives will get back to you and help you with any questions you might have with any of our herbicides and weed killers.


When the summer weather makes its grand appearance and you no longer have to stay inside and wish for warm weather and sunshine, you are finally able to do some lawn care and maintenance. If you take pride in your lawn or garden, you’ll want it all to be weed free. A weed can really be any plant and it’s subjective what qualifies—after all, it’s anything that you don’t want in your garden. Regardless of what you consider a weed, everyone hates them. Nobody wants to have friends and family over for a barbeque if there are weeds poking out of every corner of the yard. By investing in herbicide, you will make sure that there are no weeds that poke through and destroy the look of your lawn or constrict the growth of your plants. So, this year, make sure that you invest in some herbicide that you trust to help you keep your lawn and garden weed free and looking beautiful. ePestSolutions has herbicides that treat a variety of weed related issues for your yard, like crabgrass, clover, and dandelions, and will even kill common yard pests like ants. Our products are made for both pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds. No matter if your yard has already been overrun with weeds or if you want to take the extra step before they pop up, we will have a product for you. Our products come in many different sizes and prices, so whether you are a homeowner looking for a herbicide to use once at the beginning of the season or a seasoned landscaper who will need herbicide the whole year round, we have what you need. But, we think it’s best to look at the different kinds of herbicides so that you can find one that best fits your personal situation.

Our Herbicides are Safe and Effective

Herbicides have been used as agricultural pesticides for many years, and unfortunately gained a reputation for being harmful to the environment. However, this is untrue for most modern herbicide formulas. Many of the herbicides that you can buy today have minimal environmental impact, and some are actually considered eco-friendly. Eco-friendly herbicides are great for the homeowner who is conscious about the wild animals that may be around their yard or in ponds and streams close to their home. Herbicides can be classified in a multitude of ways. There are systemic herbicides, which means that they kill the plant from the inside out, either by destroying their ability to create food or debilitating the weed in some other way. There are also contact herbicides that work by killing the weed on contact by destroying their tissue. The herbicides that we sell here at ePestSolutions are superior to those that you can find at any old home improvement store. Our herbicides work to the maximum efficiency, and are the kinds that professionals use in their treatment plans, and are much more effective than typical mass-market weed killer.

Find the Right Herbicide for You

Before you can buy an herbicide, you need to determine exactly what kind of weed is growing in your yard. This may sound basic, but it can be difficult to figure out, especially since there are so many different varieties of weeds and you may have more than one thriving in your yard. Some herbicides only treat specific weeds, so going online and making sure that you have correctly identified the weed that is attacking your yard is important. A quick online search should help you find out exactly what weeds you have growing. And, if you do have more than one type of weed in your garden, it’s best to buy an herbicide that treats all kinds of weeds so that you don’t find yourself buying more than one product. Many of the herbicides at ePestSolutions treat multiple types of weeds, so you should be able to find one that works for you easily. It’s also important to identify the kind of weed you are fighting because if you use the incorrect herbicide, you could damage your lawn while having no effect on the weed that you were fighting in the first place.

Preparation is Key

Now it’s time to begin treatment of your yard. First, you should mow your grass to the ideal height. If you keep your grass from overgrowing and keep it at this deal height the entire season, the grass itself will prevent weeds from growing to a certain extent. Then, you can begin your treatment with herbicides. You can mix a traditional granule herbicide in with your lawn’s fertilizer to eliminate some of your weeds, and then concentrate on problem areas with a more intense herbicide. Our herbicides come in many different forms. The most common form, however, is as a spray. We carry herbicides that work for specific plants, such as our aquatic herbicides that extinguish cattails and duckweed, and also ones that can kill many different kinds of weeds, like Weed-Out Lawn Weed killer. It all depends on what kinds of weeds you’re trying to kill. Many of our herbicides are also pet and child safe once dry, so the entire family will still be able to enjoy the lawn after you’ve sprayed for weeds. If you are confused as to which kinds of herbicides you should buy, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you decide exactly which herbicide is perfect for your family.

Before you begin applying your herbicide to your grass or garden, it’s important that you read the instructions on the actual product. You will get instructions on how to mix your herbicide, where and how to store it, and what time of day you should apply it to your lawn. There you will also receive guidelines as to what kinds of clothes and protective gear you should be wearing. You should also be cautious of the weather on the day you’re spraying your herbicide. If the day is too windy, the spray will drift onto the plants you want to remain alive, like flowers and bushes, and if it’s windy enough, could even get on your neighbor’s plants. Wind could also cause the spray to get onto your skin or in your eyes or mouth, which can be harmful to you. As a general rule, you should always wear some kind of protective eyewear like goggles, long sleeves, long pants, and gloves to keep the herbicide from damaging your eyesight or any part of your body. Your shoes should also be close-toed. You also should generally be careful while handling herbicide to prevent spills. Remember, these are chemicals that are toxic and sometimes incredibly dangerous. You need to exercise caution when using them and read the instruction and warning labels carefully before using herbicides so that you don’t get hurt.

Sprayers are Highly Effective

We sell sprayers that come in sizes as small as a hand sprayer and as large as a five gallon backpack sprayer, so be sure to pick up one that works the best for you to help you spread your herbicide. A sprayer is the most effective way to control your weeds, and other methods could be dangerous. Once you have your sprayer set up, you’re wearing the recommended clothing to protect you, and your herbicide is properly mixed, you’re ready to begin spraying your yard. Make sure that you spray strategically so that you don’t have to step in areas that have herbicide on them. After you are done spraying the areas that have weeds in them, make sure that you wash your hands and the sprayer. You also should remove all the clothes that you were wearing while you were spraying the herbicide and wash them as well. After cleaning off your herbicide equipment, store it in a locked cabinet where pets and children can’t reach it. And that should be it! Wait a few days, and you should notice a substantial difference in the presence of weeds in your yard. If some weeds remain after the first spray, you may have to spray again. Don’t worry—it just means that the weeds in your yard are especially stubborn, and it isn’t too unusual to have to treat your yard again. Once the herbicide is dry, it is generally safe to go into your yard again and enjoy the great outdoors with your family.

And that’s it! We want to make your experience with herbicide as easy as can be, and by following these instructions, you will be able to find the herbicide that is perfect for you. We have the largest selection of herbicides around, and we know we will be able to find the product that will work best for you. Get rid of those unsightly weeds and invest in some herbicide that will work wonders for you and your yard. Learn to love the way your yard looks with some herbicide from ePestSolutions. We will give you the best service and for the best price around. Give us a call if you have any questions—we are more than happy to help our customers in any way we can.


Maintaining a nice backyard lawn or landscaped yard requires constant attention to weed control. It's not difficult to do if you have the right weed killer or herbicide. Common weeds that are problems are crabgrass, dandelions, ragweed, morning glory, ivy, and nutsedge.

The most popular weed killer out there is Roundup. Roundup is a systemic, non-selective herbicide for controlling unwanted grasses, weeds, plants and contains glyphosate. Roundup QuikPro is great for unwanted weeds in your lawn or garden.

Other top selling herbicides and weed killers are Pramitol, Krovar, Dupont, Cutrine, Sedgehammer, Hyvar, Razor, Eraser, and Credit. Some are better than other for certain types of weeds so read the label carefully. Weeds are classified as either broadleaf, grass or sedge. Feel free to contact us, so that our customer service representatives will be able to answer any questions you might have and find the solution that fits your home lawn and garden. EpestSolutions offers the best pest control solutions at the right prices with the fastest delivery.

Choose from a wide range of weed control products which include selective herbicides and non-selective weed control products; spray additives for post and pre emergent herbicides and many more!


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