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Granular Insecticide Products

Sometimes conducting pest control treatment to get rid of insects which invade your home has to start from the outside-in rather than the other way around. That is when it may be better to use a product different from the conventional liquid insecticides. Granular insecticides do a great job to kill ants, fleas, crickets, and other pests which hang around your lawn and garden, getting rid of their trouble before they begin invading indoors.

Insecticide granules consist of a solid particle that is filled with a strong insecticide. In essence, they are are basically insecticide in dry form which is spread or broadcast over specific areas such as lawns, gardens or flower beds.

Granular insecticides work greatly in situations where you don’t want the mess of liquid insecticides, especially outdoors. By using granular insecticides and scattering them around lawns and flowerbeds, you will be able to effectively manage problem pests that are trespassing indoors or eating at your plants.

ePestSolutions carries a variety of high quality granular insecticide products that you won’t find at your local department store in the pest control aisle.

Browse our granular insecticide products above and if you have any questions or concerns email, call or chat with us online and we’ll be happy to help.


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