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Fungicide Control Products

If you have a lush, green lawn, an outbreak of fungus or lawn disease can quickly make your turf go from a beauty to unsightly. The most common lawn disease and fungus which frustrate homeowners include: Brown patch, Dollar spot, Leaf spot, Pink patch, Red thread, Stripe smut, Copper spot, and Anthracnose.

There are a large variety of fungi and diseases that can potentially grow on your lawn and they can be hard difficult to control. However, if you have the right product to deal with such issues which come up, you can put a stop to it quickly.

Fungicide control products are chemicals or which help to prevent the growth of fungi on plants. There are many different active ingredients which are used to achieve fungus control, and depending on the type of fungi and certain diseases, there are different fungicide which work best.

The types of diseases fungicide control products aim to address include rots, spots, and rusts, among others and you can also use fungicides to treat lawns (turf & grass), gardens, and even indoor plants.

Fungicides come in a wide variety of applications, from liquids to granules and organic to commercial and can be systemic or contact. ePestSolutions carries a full line of fungicide products designed to get rid of even the most stubborn of fungi problems.

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