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Bait Box Products

Rodents like rats and mice can drive homeowners crazy with their destructive habits and their potential for contaminating food and spreading disease. When there is an infestation present it can be frustratingly difficult to put a stop to their peskiness. Not to worry, as here at ePestSolutions we carry the best in rat elimination products such as bait boxes and bait stations as well as expert advice to help you overcome your rodent problem.

Why Bait Boxes and Bait Stations Are So Effective

One of the best methods of taking care of a rodent problem are baits. Baits contain attractants that lure hungry rats over to feast upon the bait and poisons them so they no longer will terrorize your home. Baits come in a wide variety of formulations, from blocks to pastes, and can be used effectively to control virtually any rodent issue which may emerge.

However, it is not recommended to leave powerful and poison rat baits out and about where it can come within easy reach to pets and children. That is where bait boxes and bait stations come in. These sturdy and durable containers safely hold the product inside the station so that only rodents can reach the bait through specially made openings.

Another advantage of bait boxes is the fact that they keep baits fresh for longer than if you were to leave baits out in the open. Baits may be damaged via weather and the elements and this can likely lessen the attractant needed to lure rodents. Bait stations protects these baits so they don’t lose their effectiveness.

The Simple, Inexpensive Way To Keep Pets and Children Safe

ePestSolutions carries a variety of well-designed and effective bait stations and bait boxes that are tamper-resistant and can easily be placed outside of your home or anywhere rodents might forage for food. Bait boxes are an essential tool in the battle against pests and is highly recommended when conducting DIY rodent control. Browse our bait boxes and bait stations above.


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