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Target Pests

Ants carpenter bees, wood-infesting beetles/borers, drywood termites and subterranean termites,

For Use In

Premise Foam is for use in and around insect galleries, spaces between wooden structural members, voids, crawlspaces, basements, attics, decks, fencing, siding, damaged wood, foundations.,


NOTE: The self-pressurized container dispenses PREMISE Foam at a rate of approximately 26-millileters (approximately 0.9 fluid ounces) of liquid formulation (approximately 0.85-Liters, or 51.7 cubic inches, of expanded foam) per four seconds. To minimize run-off, continue to hold the application tip firmly against the injection point for a full 5 seconds after releasing the dispenser trigger; this will allow product in the application hose to fully expand and enter the target area. This pressurized container treats 1,000 cubic feet. This product will provide foam at an expansion ratio of 30 to 1. This ratio is a function of agitation and cumulative release time.

Coverage Area

One 18 oz. can treats 1,000 cubic inches

Active Ingredient

Imidacloprid 0.05%

How To

The original non-repellent termiticide available in a portable instant foam.

  • Ready-to-use can means no bulky equipment needed
  • No setup time or mixing concerns
  • Long-lasting residue delivers long-term termite control
  • Undetectable by termites
  • Expands at a 30:1 ratio to thoroughly cover hard-to-reach areas such as inside termite galleries, wall voids, floor joists and more

Once applied, Premise Foam expands to reach hidden or difficult to treat areas, and contacts termites or other insects hidden deep within wall galleries or voids. Because of its active ingredient, imidacloprid, Premise Foam works differently from other termiticides which repel, rather than kill, termites. Termites tunneling or foraging in the spaces treated with Premise Foam will go about their usual activities without being repelled. The exposed termites then remain unaffected for a few days, before sudden death occurs. In the meantime, the exposed termites are able to spread the Premise chemical to unexposed termites by physical contact when they feed or groom the other termites, resulting in a domino death effect which wipes out more of the colony. Imidacloprid, the active ingredient in Premise Foam, is the most widely used insecticide in the world with a proven track record of success - less than one percent retreat rate. While Premise Foam is an effective method of controlling subterranean termites within voids and spaces between wooden elements above ground and other areas, it is not intended to be used as your sole source of control. For best results, this product should be used as a supplement to soil-applied termiticide (like Premise 2, or Premise 75WP), or a termite bait system registered as a sole control source.

Premise Foam Insecticide Termiticide 18 Oz

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Premise Foam Insecticide Termiticide 18 Oz


Premise Foam delivers precisely formulated dry foam every time, under any conditions, to attack termite problems on the spot. No measuring, mixing or waiting around required. Fast and easy to use Premise Foam, ideal for targeted applications.

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Customer Reviews

  • Premise Foam Insecticide Termiticide 18 Oz
    By Emily Knell on 6/6/2013
    I'm a Realtor in Southern California, the termite company wanted $870 for 2 MINOR spot treatment areas & replacement of a wood section about the size of a business card. I called a different termite co & the lady on the phone even said to me ""the termite work for that property is 'practically non-existent'"", yet she still said it would cost $500 for them to come out to fix it & give us a clearance report. I said ""how is something that's (your words) Non-existent, still going to cost $500?"", Then I tell her that ""I just bought some Premise Foam online for $36 w/ 3 day shipping & I watched the DIY video, I've got my handyman & we're going to go drill some holes & get it done!"", She Cackled at me saying I'm not a licensed termite person & I can't do that & there's no way a civilian like me could buy Premise Foam & she sarcastically wished me good luck & hung up on me! I got it done for $106 total & in 9 minutes & I still have about 90% foam left in my can, so I guess you could say my total cost was $73.60 w/ my handyman. I video taped it & you can watch my video on YouTube called ""Saving Money DIY Spot Treatment For Termites""


  • Premise Foam Insecticide Termiticide 18 Oz
    By Fred Craggette on 3/18/2010
    Previous termite info was mind numbing until I found your web site. I've noticed a small swarm of winged termites near my basement bathroom. There's a slight crack in the foundation near the floor. I believe it's they're entry point. I purchased the premise foam as a first step in this battle. It worked great but I plan to purchase larger quantities of some of your other items.The online information and directions are great for DIY'ers like myself. It gives me peace of mind to find products I can diligently apply and not break the bank!Thank you!



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