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Target Pests

Controls Johnsongrass bindweed and other hard to kill weeds,

For Use In

Pramitol 25E is for use in commercial areas like storage facilities, fence lines, tank farms, railways, pipelines, and lumber yards. A common use of Pramitol is to control weeds and other vegetation under driveways and parking lots. Pramitol is not recommended for use in residential areas.,


22 - 29.4 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft

Time to Kill

Prometon - 25%

Mix Rate


Active Ingredient

Prometon:2,4-bis (isopropylamino-6-methoxy-s-triazine 25%)

How To

Pramitol 25E can be applied before or up to 3 months after weed emergence.

Application rates vary from 5 - 10 gals. of Pramitol 25E per acre, depending on climatic conditions, soil type, the weeds present, and the stage of growth of the weeds. In the following rate recommendations, the higher rates are intended for use on heavier soils where weed growth is heavy, and where rainfall is expected to be relatively high. The higher rates should also be used where longer residual control is desired in regions with a long growing season.

For best results, apply Pramitol 25E before weeds emerge or when weeds are young and actively growing.

For control of annual and susceptible perennial weeds and grasses (such as downy bromegrass, oatgrass, goosegrass, quackgrass, puncturevine, goldenrod, and plantain): Broadcast 4.0 - 6.125 gals. of Pramitol 25E in 50 - 100 gals. of water per acre.

For control of hard-to-kill perennial weeds and grasses (such as johnsongrass, bindweed, and wild carrot): Broadcast 7.5 - 10 gals. of Pramitol 25E in 50 - 100 gals. of water per acre.

For faster top-kill of existing vegetation, apply Pramitol 25E in diesel oil, fuel oil, or weed oil. Use oils at rates of 100 - 200 gals./A. Tall, dense vegetation, such as johnsongrass, will generally require 150 or more gals. of oil per acre for thorough coverage.

When applying Pramitol 25E to a small area with backpack or pump-up sprayers with capacities of 1 - 3 gals., calibrate the sprayer so that 1 gal. of water covers 500 sq. ft. Then mix 1/2 - 7/8 pt. of Pramitol 25E with water to obtain a total volume of 1 gal. and apply uniformly over a 500 sq. ft. area.

For hard-to-kill perennial weeds and grasses, use the higher rate. If green foliage is present, part or all of the water can be substituted with oil to provide burndown.

Pramitol 25E Weed Killer

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Pramitol 25E Weed Killer

Pramitol 25E is a non-selective post-emergent bare-groun herbicide conentrate that is perfect for industrial and commercial applications, such as railways, pipelines, lumberyards, etc.
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