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PLATEAU is labeled for use with big bluestem little bluestem, indiangrass and sideoats grama. But what makes it even more attractive as an establishment tool is there are a number of forbs which are tolerant to PLATEAU, such as: blackeyed susan, purple coneflower, upright coneflower, lance leaved and plains coreopsis, lespedeza species, partridge pea, Illinois bundleflower, purple prairie clover, desmodium species and others.,

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PLATEAU can be applied either preemergence or postemergence. However, a postemergence application is the method of choice in most situations. Refer to the label for specific recommendations.,


PLATEAU Herbicide Plateau herbicide can be effective in providing the weed control and can be helpful in making the green turf areas more high lightened. Plateau is termed as an imidazolinone herbicide which is effectively applied on PPI, EP, PRE or POST to control the growth of grass. Plateau herbicide also makes notable contributions in controlling the cheat grass before the seedling. The damage is very minimum in these types of grasses hence the use of such grasses is at maximum rate on prairie grasses. The plateau product also works on pre emergent and post emergent grasses.Size container is 1(one)gallon liquid. BENEFITS OF NWSG: Native warm season grasses (NWSG) and forb mixes provide excellent cover, nesting and food sources for wildlife. They attract insects vital to chick and poult survival and later produce seeds to maintain birds throughout the winter. The tall grasses provide excellent overhead cover needed for protection and creates bareground for chicks to bug and travel safely. NWSG clumps produce abundant nesting sites as well as protection from winter storms. PLATEAU has revolutionized tall fescue control. ROUNDUP is a short term fix, resulting in marginal control of existing fescue and no residual control of new fescue seedlings. Countless trials and field use have shown that Plateau applied alone or in combination with Roundup provide superior control of fescue over Roundup alone. TALL FESCUE CONVERSION When fescue reaches 8 to 10 inches in height apply: SPRING APPLICATIONS: The recipe for success. 4 to 12 ounces PLATEAU + l quart of ROUNDUP (glyphosate) + 1 quart of MSO (methylated seed oil) per acre. Spray at 20 gallons of solution per acre. The addition of 17 lbs Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer per 100 gallons of water will increase control. SMOOTH BROME CONVERSION 8 to 12 ounces PLATEAU + 1½ to 2 quarts of ROUNDUP (glyphosate) + 1 quart of MSO (methylated seed oil) per acre. Spray at 20 gallons of solution per acre. The addition of 17 lbs Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer per 100 gallons of water will increase control. RESCUE ESTABLISHED NWSG/FORB MIXED STANDS INVADED WITH TALL FESCUE: 12 ounces PLATEAU + 1 quart MSO Some Wildflower species may not be tolerant TO 12 ounces PLATEAU. To improve control, prepare your fescue the previous year by mowing or grazing it to reduce foliage and it's root reserves. Another option is to burn the fescue when it begins to break dormancy that spring in late February or March. This removes all debris and allows the herbicides to come in direct contact with new green vegetation and the soil to stop new germination of fescue. Fall applications can be as effective but spring applied PLATEAU will give you season long control of fescue seedlings and competitive weeds like foxtail, crabgrass, lambsquarters, pigweeds, Japanese stiltgrass, johnsongrass and over 70 other grasses, sedges and broadleaves. PLATEAU is the first herbicide specifically registered for the establishment and maintenance of mixed NWSG and forbs. It can be safely applied to established big & little bluestem, broomsedge, Indiangrass, sideoats and blue grama as well as over 40 legumes and wildflowers including Illinois bundleflower, partridgepea, prairie clover, lespedezas, purple coneflower, black-eyed susan, coreopsis, cosmos and desmodium sp. (beggarticks). PLATEAU has been shown to increase NWSG stand survival by 8 to 10 fold over Roundup alone, thus allowing you to use less seed to achieve the same desirable stand. Using 4 ounces PLATEAU at planting provided good results in establishing switchgrass and eastern gamagrass in mixed grass stands. PLATEAU can achieve this at low use rates minimizing the chemical load on the environment. PLATEAU works by interrupting a pathway only found in plants not in humans or wildlife. PLATEAU can be used to control problem weeds without compromising the values and agenda for wild habitat restoration. Use 20 gallons of spray solution per acre. Tank-mix: 8 to 12 ounces of Plateau + 1 quart of Roundup Ultra + I quart of MSO per acre + 17 Ibs of Ammonium Sulfate per 100 gallons of water. Along with Plateau Herbicides, also check out our full range of post emergent, pre emergent herbicides. ePestSolutions also provides both selective herbicides and non-selective weed control products and spray additives for effective weed control.

Active Ingredient

The active herbicide ingredient ranges from 23.6 % ammonium salt to imazapic.

Plateau Herbicide For Prairie Grass Management

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Plateau Herbicide For Prairie Grass Management


Plateau Herbicide for Prairie Grass Management Weed Control

That's right, you can establish native grasses in one growing season when you use PLATEAU® Herbicide/ Plateau Weed Killer, along with the proper techniques. PLATEAU® herbicide can be used in a variety of ways, pre-emergent, post-emergent, no-till or clean till.

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I'm doing quail and turkey habitat restoration I have a 60 gallon PTO tractor spay rig,my question is how much Plateau do I mix in the 60 gallon tank?how many ounces of plateau per gallon of water?
1 answers
I sprayed plateau 2 weeks ago,the fescue is turning yellow but is not dead yet,how long before i know if i have killed the fescue out?
1 answers
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  • Plateau Herbicide For Prairie Grass Management
    By John on 1/11/2017
    This product worked well on my lawn but a little goes a long way. I tested the product on a patch of grass/weeds first and then did my entire lawn. Plauteau herbicide worked well in cleaning up the crabgrass.



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