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Yellow Jacket Killer Control Products

Yellow Jackets are a type of wasp, identified by their unique colors, usually yellow or white and black. As a wasp, the Yellow Jacket does not have a hairy body, but instead a smooth surface. The colors on this pest are displayed in unique horizontal bands, and are often misidentified as bees. Yellow jackets live in large colonies, and commonly build nests in rodent burrows. A female begins the colonies each spring, and depending on the species, their size can grow to populations of 1,500 and 15,000 wasps, dependent on the type of species.


 Yellow Jacket infestations become an issue when nests are located close in proximity to entrances of homes or businesses, or if the nest itself is built in some part of the structure. Seeking a protected space, wasps may nest in wall voids, ceilings, attics and other unwanted areas. Nests inside are identified by the loud buzzing sounds, or by new moist areas in a wall. If a nest is found to be located within your home, quickly begin the plan for extermination to avoid potential issues of them swarming inside! It is always a good idea to inspect attics, basements, and other points that may have outdoor access, in the Spring to ensure early detection if a colony has been started.

Proper precautions should be taken when treating a nest, especially if in an enclosed space. Freeze spray and contact insecticides should be used to treat, which are a quick knockdown of the pests they come into contact with. It may be necessary to wear protective clothing, such as a bee suit and gloves, to avoid stings.

In addition to yellow jacket killer and pest control products, ePestSolutions also offers protective clothing for home pest control projects. Shop our recommended products here, and connect with our experts for additional advice!



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