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White Fly Control Products


Whiteflies are pests that do their damage in the outside world. Favorite dwelling places are in plant life and trees. Commonly found in crops, flower gardens, vegetable gardens and other outdoor plant gatherings, whiteflies can cause extensive damage to the leaves of plants they infest. Both the immature whiteflies and adults have siphoning mouth parts and can remove the juices from the leaves causing damage to the plant. Common signs to look for would be leaf curl, yellowing and plants that are dropping leaves early. Whiteflies appear as described, with small white bodies and small white wings. Typically, one will find several whiteflies during an infestation, often even covering an entire leaf. If noticing the beginning signs of a whitefly infestation, act quickly with home pest control products to avoid a further infestation and growth in whitefly population.


White flies also create a sticky matter that is called honey dew and is attractive to certain types of ants, leading to a secondary infestation. This sticky matter will also cause a fungus to grow called sooty mold. The mold is not very attractive and can stop photosynthesis, resulting in death for the plant. Greenhouse whiteflies infest citrus and potted plants, and are found mainly in greenhouse environments.

Whiteflies can be treated with several pest control products, including Systemic pesticides. Systemic pesticides are applied to the host plant, where the whiteflies have infested. Systemic insecticides then travel throughout the plant, and are ingested by the whiteflies subsequently causing their death. Non-repellants can also be used to treat and manage whitefly infestations, as whiteflies do not know the pesticide is present and are eradicated.

Prevent whiteflies from infesting and causing damage to your outdoor plant life with Systemic and non-repellant pest control products. Seek advice from ePestSolutions experts for persistent infestations, as whiteflies have a history of becoming immune to repeated pesticide applications.



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