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Weeds Control Products


Weeds are resilient, unsightly additions to a nice yard or garden, and with the proper information and products, learn how to effectively get rid of them. EpestSolutions offers the largest line of selective and none selective herbicides on the market.

What makes a weed? It really is anything that you do not want in your yard or garden. One man’s weed could be someone else’s treasure, and also a buffet for pests. With proper identification and expert advice from ePestSolutions, weeds can be brought under control with products that are suitable for your surrounding environment.

Our professionals can help you with determining which herbicide will work for your particular weed control. Beginning with a large selection of pre-emergent herbicides, which stop weeds from even starting. Broadleaf herbicides are also available to control particular existing weeds in your lawn or planting beds. Selective weed control products are typically used when only specific plants/weeds need eradicated, and certain flowers and plants are intended to be left behind to prosper. Selective products act as the name implies, and only control certain species of plants. Non-selective herbicides behave in the opposite manner, and with proper use instructions can also be an effective means of weed treatment.

In addition, ePestSolutions also offers green weed control products that are safe for humans, pets, wildlife and surroundings. Perfect for the individual that is concerned over proximity to watersheds, ponds, and with other concerns regarding safety before, during and after application of weed control products.

EpestSolutions carries the largest selection of Glyphosate, Imazapyr, Diquat and Aquatic Weed control products on the market, at the best price guaranteed. Whether you need small amounts for your personal garden or you are looking for commercial weed control quantities, we can help you do the job correctly and at the best price.

Contact us for specific questions regarding weed control so that we may best recommended an effective weed control product!


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