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Voles Control Products


A Vole is often confused for a mouse, as well as other similar outdoor animals such as moles and squirrels, as they have similar physical and behavioral traits. A vole is a smaller rodent, but larger than the house mouse - with a tail that is shorter than a mouse tail and a rounder body and head. Voles are known to do damage in gardens and crops, surviving on a range of food supplies. These rodents can cause damage to plants and shrubs, eating even the roots and bulbs causing the plants to die from the ground up. As a burrowing animal, Voles do have some beneficial traits since they are spreading nutrients underneath the ground.



Voles reproduce at fast rates, with a single female potentially birthing over a hundred young in one years time, quickly becoming a problem if they gain access to a home, barn or other structure. Luckily the Voles prefer their outside environment, and won’t necessarily attempt to gain entry. Normal exclusion procedures should be applied if voles are on your property, securing any and all entry points.

Vole control can be done by using baits, traps and poisons. Depending on the size of the population, humane trapping may be an effective means if relocation is properly done. As with any rodent, early identification is always helpful in an effective treatment program, as the reproduction is ideally slowed or interrupted before the population has time to grow. Some areas of the country are more likely to have Vole infestations, but using expert products can bring any population under control and ensure damage is limited.

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